I was asked by a team mate recently: what’s the difference between a product manager (PMs) and a product owner (POs)? Both of these roles exist today in our organisation. In the piece, I’ll share very briefly what I think, citing a couple of references from a few of my product idols. Melissa Perri’s is one of them! Here’s her piece and another from product coalition, which is well worth the read:

  1. https://productcoalition.com/the-collide-of-product-management-and-product-ownership-439105363028

I’ve worked across several different organisations in the span of my career, and if you’ve read ‘Cracking the PM Interview’ or spoken to a few PMs…

The many paths you can take in agile. Where are you headed?

What is “Agile”? Really? At any workplace that is trying to transform digitally, you might hear a lot about this new buzzword without actually knowing what it means to you or your team.

In this age of digital transformation, I think the simplest thing one can do for oneself is to learn how to manage your personal passwords, and store it in a safe, and easy to use location for easy use. Do a quick search today of the most frequently used passwords, and you’ll be surprised! Examples include: 12345, 123456, password1, etc.

At some point in our lives, we are all guilty of using the same passwords or similar passwords to access the systems we see all around us. …

Following the news that our Singapore Government is setting aside funds to accelerate digital transformation. My dad posed a casual question over dinner, what does Digital Transformation mean? How does this relate to the people on the ground? I explained casually, from the WIFI signal at home to our mobile phones, everything about technology aims to reduce friction, or to solve a problem. Similarly, when we seek to ‘digitally transform’, we should always come about it to solve a problem first. …

In the wake of COVID-19, we at Temasek’s Digital Technology team have adjusted quite well to the new 100% virtual meetings reality. According to an article by J. Stewart Black on the Harvard Business Review, Laughter Will Keep Your Team Connected — Even While You’re Apart. We couldn’t agree more!

You might be curious as to laughter plays a part in our get-together sessions. Read on to find out how we put what some know as “the best medicine” into our meetings!

Gather the team — it’s ok not to have an agenda!

We hold regular virtual “no meeting agenda” TCSS ( Talk Cock Sing Song)* meetings, where all of us…

I came across an ad for the titled event via a post by a connection for a bay area event on Linkedin hosted by Women In Product (WIP).


How I have missed these events! Going back to my MBA days, I have attended events like these at the Computer Science (CS) school in Carnegie Mellon when I did my MBA at the Tepper School. Sharing some brief notes I took based on the moderator’s questions, I captured what I could. …

Book cover of the Intelligent Investor

Here are my notes taken from “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. These extracts were taken directly from the book that I think are generally helpful to refer back against sometime in the future.

For the key principles noted here, I plan to update it as I reflect more and think about it into my own portfolio. Let’s see if I survive book number two on Security Analysis.

Please buy the book or borrow it from the library if you like the content here! Show support for the publishers and authors. Spoilers ahead! You have been warned.

Chapter 1

Investment versus speculation…

In October 2019, a group of us from Temasek travelled to Les Village (Les in short), a seaside community in the northern part of Bali, Indonesia. This was part of Project GO, a series of ecology-focused staff initiatives spearheaded by our very own Sustainability and Stewardship department.

Not Your Typical Trip to Bali

I’ve been to Bali several times, but what drew me to this trip was the opportunity to do something very different: to learn how the locals are doing their part to rebuild the environment, and to do it alongside them.

I was fortunate to embark on an unconventional ecotourism field trip with the Temasek Team formed by a mixture of employees from different departments on the 13–16 of Oct 2019. Project GO! is a series of sustainability initiatives by Temasek’s Sustainability and Stewardship Group. They lead the firm’s initiatives around the themes of sustainability and stewardship. In this post, I hope to share about my unique dive experience and key takeaways from it.

“LES” for Les Village at Bali, the dive site for the reef rehabilitation project

Les Village is situated at the Northen tip of the island. It is a small, quaint and rural destination but a very warm and wholesome place. …

I attended the #PMFAPAC19 from Jun 17–18 2019 with three other colleagues. What a great feeling to be surrounded by some of the best product minds in the region! The event was jam packed, talks were capped at bite size of 30 mins and filled with exciting content and sharing. I will be covering snippets of content from some of my personal favorite speeches, and my own thoughts about them.

Keynotes by

Nikila Srinivasan (Facebook)

Rahjiv Bhuta (Walmart Labs)

Silvia Thom (Zalora).

Talks by

  1. Worse Beta of All Time by Helen Xue (Atlassian)
  2. ML from Product Perspective by Inga Chen (Spotify)
  3. Product Management &…

Jensen Loke

Technical Product Management @temasek digital tech| Building AI & big data products #rootaccess. www.jensenloke.com

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